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Today's Specials

Updates on Herwig's Austrian Bistro's featured dishes of the day.

Today's Specials10-11-14

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Suppe: Local Curried Butternut Bisque


Kaslaberl (2 vegetarian potato/egg/cheese patties)

Sweets (sweet potato patties spiked with local smoked pork and pan-fried/topped with Siracha)

Herwig's Crab Cake (straight from the Austrian coast)

Wuerstleplatte (3 different homemade bratwurst grilled)

and if I have time ......

Teigtascherl (puff pastries stuffed with smoked Gouda, local smoked pork tenderloin and organic spinach)

Today's Specials 10-03-14

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Today's Menu:


Haxn' (slow roasted bone-in/skin-on local pig leg)

Kaesespaetzle (tiny egg/flour dumplings sauteed with rich European cheeses and caramelized onions)

Grenadiermarscg (pasta, potatoes, homemade bratwurst, bacon and blood sausage sauteed into a crisp hash)


Mahi-Mahi "Meuniere" (wild caught Mahi fillet sauteed in a brown butter, lemon and caper sauce)

Weisswurstplatte (2 lightly grilled Bavarian veal/pork sausages)

Wuerstleplatte (3 different bratwurst grilled)

Today's Specials 9-26-14

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Suppe: Creamy Mushroom with Beef and Veggies


Haxn' (slow roasted local bone-in/skin-on/bacon wrapped pig leg)

Wuerstleplatte (3 different bratwurst grilled)

Mahi-Mahi (wild caught Mahi fillet sauteed in a brown butter/lemon and caper sauce)

Kaslaberl (2 lightly pan-fried vegetarian potato/egg/cheese patties topped with Liptauer)

Tiroler Groestl (blood sausage, bacon and pork sauteed with potatoes and spices into a crisp hash)

Jaegerschnitzel (pork cutlet in an all local wild mushroom cream sauce)