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Today's Specials 1-13-15

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Suppe: Local Bacon, Potato, Cabbage and Hungarian Paprika
Holsteinschnitzel (pork or chicken wiener topped with 2 fried eggs and anchovies)
Grenadiermarsch (pasta, potatoes, homemade sausages, bacon and pork sauteed until crisp)
Herwig's Crabcake (straight from the Austrian coast!)
Mahi-Mahi "Meuniere" (8oz wild caught Mahi fillet sauteed in a brown butter, lemon and caper sauce)
Kaslaberl (2 lightly pan-fried vegetarian potato, egg and cheese patties topped with Liptauer)
Leberkase mit Ei (a grilled Bavarian beef/pork sausage loaf topped with fried eggs)