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Special of the Day January 15, 2013

Posted in Today's Specials.

Today's Specials
Soup: Creamy Potato/Bacon/Brie
Features: Gefuellter Paprika (a large red bell pepper stuffed with seasoned ground beef, turkey and rice), Reisfleisch (a baked rice dish with seasoned meats/paprika), Tiroler Groestl (the daily hash), Kaslaberl (2 vegetarian potato/egg/cheese patties, pan-fried and topped with Liptauer cheese) and Tilapia "Muellerin" (Tilapia filets dipped into seasoned flour, pan-fried in brown butter and de-glazed with fresh lemon juice/capers).

Also featuring a Bread of the day: Caraway Bierbrot. They are for sale for $7/pc