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Dessert List

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All of our desserts are made fresh in-house by either Gundi, Herwig or Bernd. Here's a list of what kind of sweets we might have on any given day. We also bake lots of Gluten Free desserts so make sure to check out our dessert board for current offerings.

Gundi's Apfelstrudel - Apples, pine nuts, cinnamon, rum soaked raisins 

Cremeschnitte - Puff pastry stuffed with an orange rum cream

Polsterzipf - Puff pastry stuffed with assorted jams, served warm

Sachertorte - The Austrian chocolate torte

Kaiserschmarrn' - Thinly shredded crepes with rum soaked fruits

Dark Chocolate Bacon Cheesecake - Using local bacon

Cinnabaconrolls - Glorious sweet rolls with BACON!

Nusstorte - Light nut torte spongecake with an espresso butter cream and crushed nuts

White Monkey - Banana/organic vanilla bean cheesecake on a salted nut shortbread crust

Creme Brulee - A light French style steamed custard with caramelized sugar top

Tiramisu - Gundi's speciality, rum/espresso soaked ladyfingers with a rich mascarpone cream

Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Salted Bacon Praline Chips

Dark Chocolate Covered Hogs Galore Bacon

Nutella and Bacon Puff Pastries

Assorted Cheesecakes

Various Gluten Free Tortes

Buchtln - Austrian sweet rolls stuffed with an Apricot jam and a homemade vanilla bean sauce

Faschingskrapfen - Mardi Gras donuts

Palatschinken - Thin Austrian style crepes stuffed with Apricot jam