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Staff of Herwig's

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Meet the staff of Herwig's Austrian Bistro in State College PA.

Herwig Brandstatter

Herwig, the patriarch of the family, is the heart and soul of the establishment. He began cooking at the age of 5 with his father, and eventually attended culinary school in Salzburg, Austria. 68 years later, Herwig is still in the kitchen preparing everyday Austrian home cooking, excluding a brief break to work as a travel agent. On top of his culinary skill, Herwig trademarked "Where bacon is an herb" based on a dream he had one night. He gives the service some character with his unique style of handling leftovers. Don't ask for a to-go box while he is around unless you're prepared for a personal hand feeding!





Gundi Brandstatter

Gundi, Herwi's wife, is locally known as the "strudel queen". The title is well deserved, considering she prepares the most delicious apfelstrudel in central Pennsylvania. She learned most of her culinary skills while attending a girl's college in Innsbruck, Austria. Gundi is the mother of two; she has a daughter that works as a nurse and a son, Bernd, who works at the bistro with her.






Bernd Brandstatter

To no one's surprise, Bernd wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and enter the cooking business. While living in Austria after going to SCAHS, he attended the same culinary school as his father and has been a prominent figure in the kitchen throughout the bistro's history. As a chef, he is known for taking the restaurant's trademark very seriously. On any given day, he prepares 8-9 different bacon-based desserts along with the usual Austrian cuisine. Bernd really enjoys interacting with the customers by providing a dining experience that is unlike anything else in State College.