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History of Herwigs Austrian Bistro

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history1In 1982,  the Brandstatter family left their hometown of Igls, Austria to open a European bakery near Brisbane, Australia. They stopped in State College, Pennsylvania to visit friends of the family and fell in love with the Happy Valley area. Originally, the patriarch Herwig "Brandy" Brandstatter ran Herwig's Edelweiss, an Austrian restaurant outside of State College near the local ski area. Later, Brandy utilized his expertise in world travel to open a travel agency which he still maintains to this day.

As the travel industry declined in the post 9/11 climate, Brandy once again turned to the culinary world. Teaming up with his son Bernd, a graduate of the same Austrian hotel/restaurant school that he attended in his youth, Brandy decided to open Herwig's Austrian Bistro.






At Herwig's, we believe that a pleasant dining experience is comprised of more than just great food. Our family and staff interact with our customers on a personal level. We strive to provide an unequalled dining experience and are unafraid of going beyond traditional boundaries in order to keep the atmosphere of our restaurant as fresh and exciting as the cuisine we serve. It is an experience which requires active participation from our clientele. Whether being asked to pronounce a menu item, or pleading for a doggie-bag, our customers have come to expect Herwig's to have a dining adventure that is uniquely Austrian!