Herwig's Austrian Bistro

"Where Bacon is an herb!"

Located in the heart of central Pennsylvania, Herwig's Austrian Bistro is a unique dining experience for anyone looking to sample the tastes of authentic homestyle Austrian cuisine. Since opening its doors for business in January of 2002, Herwig's has gained a reputation for serving only the highest quality food and providing our customers with a truly unique dining experience and Gemütlichkeit.

Voted State College's Best Ethnic Restaurant Eight Years in a row by readers of State College Magazine! scmag

Today's Specials 1-31-15

Today's Features:

Schweinschulter (a slow roasted bone-in/skin-on/bacon wrapped pork shoulder)

Erdaepfelspeisse (a vegetarian potato, sour cream, hard boiled egg and Swiss cheese casserole)

Mahi-Mahi "Meuniere" (an 8oz Mahi fillet sauteed in a brown butter/lemon and caper sauce)

Kaslaberl (2 lightly pan-fried vegetarian potato/egg and cheese patties topped with Liptauer cheese)

12 oz Hand cut and Marinated Rib-eye

Wuerstleplatte (3 different homemade bratwurst grilled)


Today's Specials 1-13-15

Suppe: Local Bacon, Potato, Cabbage and Hungarian Paprika
Holsteinschnitzel (pork or chicken wiener topped with 2 fried eggs and anchovies)
Grenadiermarsch (pasta, potatoes, homemade sausages, bacon and pork sauteed until crisp)
Herwig's Crabcake (straight from the Austrian coast!)
Mahi-Mahi "Meuniere" (8oz wild caught Mahi fillet sauteed in a brown butter, lemon and caper sauce)
Kaslaberl (2 lightly pan-fried vegetarian potato, egg and cheese patties topped with Liptauer)
Leberkase mit Ei (a grilled Bavarian beef/pork sausage loaf topped with fried eggs)

Today's Specials 1-12-15

Here are our features for today:

Suppe: Curried Butternut Bisque (pork based)

Bernerwuerstle (homemade brat stuffed with Swiss cheese, wrapped in BACON and grilled to perfection!)

Grenadiermarsch (pasta, potatoes, bacon, pork and spices sauteed until crisp)

Kaslaberl (2 lightly pan-fried vegetarian potato/egg/cheese patties topped with Liptauer)

Mahi "Meuniere" (8oz wild caught Mahi fillet sauteed in a brown butter, lemon and caper sauce)


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Opening Hours

Mon-Tues-Wed 11:00am-8pm
Thurs-Fri-Sat 11:00am-9pm

*During the summer we have reduced hours and may close early

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