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Herwig's Austrian Bistro

"Where Bacon is an herb!"

Located in the heart of central Pennsylvania, Herwig's Austrian Bistro is a unique dining experience for anyone looking to sample the tastes of authentic homestyle Austrian cuisine. Since opening its doors for business in January of 2002, Herwig's has gained a reputation for serving only the highest quality food and providing our customers with a truly unique dining experience and Gemütlichkeit.

Voted State College's Best Ethnic Restaurant Eight Years in a row by readers of State College Magazine! scmag

Today's Specials 2-10-16

Suppe: Creamy Paprika with Gnocchi


Faschierterbraten (local pork sausage loaf, bacon, red wine gravy, local mashed taters)

Mahi- Mahi "Meuniere" (wild caught Mahi fillet sauteed in a brown butter/lemon/caper sauce)

Kaslaberl (2 lightly pan-fried, vegetarian potato/egg/cheese patties)

Wuerstleplatte (3 different homemade bratwurst)

Sweets (sweet potato/smoked sausage/cheese patties topped with Sriracha and caramelized onions)

Tiroler Groestl (a variety of meats sauteed with local taters, spices and caramelized onions)

Today's Specials 2-03-15

Suppe: Creamy Leek/Brie/Local Taters

Das Pretzelwich (housemade pretzel stuffed with a Bavarian beef/pork sausage loaf, bacon and fried eggs)
Kaslaberl (2 lightly pan-fried vegetarian potato/egg/cheese patties)
Tiroler Groestl (Local taters sauteed with pork, blood sausage and beef into a crisp hash)
Mahi-Mahi "Meuniere" (Wild caught Mahi filet sautted in a brown butter/lemon and caper sauce)
Marinated 16oz Choice Angus Ribeye
Paprikaschnitzel (seared/braised pork cutlet in a zesty Hungarian paprika/bacon/cream sauce)

Today's Specials 7-25-15


Eierschwammerl (local chanterelles sauteed with bacon, crushed garlic and onions with                                         Spaetzle and heavy cream)
Paprikaschnitzel (pork cutlet in a zesty Hungarian paprika, bacon and cream sauce)

Kaslaberl (2 lightly pan-fried vegetarian potato/egg/cheese patties topped with Liptauer)

Mahi-Mahi "Meuniere" (wild caught Mahi fillet sauteed in a brown butter/lemon and caper sauce)

Leberkaese mit Ei (a grilled Bavarian beef/pork sausage loaf topped with fried eggs)


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Mon-Tues-Wed 11:00am-8pm
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*During the summer we have reduced hours and may close early

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